Friday, April 19, 2013

H & Pizza -- The Cheeseburger

Originally hearing about H &pizza's 'one week only' cheeseburger pizza from Eater DC, I was a bit skeptical, but intrigued. According to Eater DC,  the "creation comes from chef Matt Cordes of The Atlas Room." This tempered my doubts and gave me expectations.

Plus, I'm a fan of their food already, so there was no way--in my mind--founder Steve Salis could have promoted something that turned out horrid.

I was speechless after the first bite. The cheeseburger pizza was that good. 

At the start, they'll pile on the sauce, provolone and mozzarella, mini hamburger patties, bacon, onions, and mushrooms. At this point it looks like a rather normal creation.

Once through the hopper (oven), the real magic happens. Cheddar cheese is added to each patty and also  pickles, cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, spicy mayo (the kicker), and crunchy potato skins (EXCELLENT).

Finally, this beast was only cut three times vertically instead of the usual four. Separate from the pics you see on Eater DC, they didn't cut it horizontally either. Which allowed me to fold this into what felt like four separate hamburgers.

I highly recommend you go try this bit of deliciousness before it's gone. Again (cough), that's assuming they don't make it a mainstay.

$11 after tax.

Has anyone else had this and what are your thoughts?